3 Biggest Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner and WHY?

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

  1. Pre Planning

  2. Organizing

  3. Day Of Coordinating 

Why are these three reasons imporant?


  • Wedding Planners have a vast knowledge of the industry, thus we know what to expect.

  • Make sure you get the best value for your money. For instance the best quality vendors that will deliver what you need on your day.

  • Help in creating your initial wedding budget. It is important to see how much you are going to potentially spend compared to how much you want to spend.


  • The handling of all vendor follow ups and cordinations.

  • Creating the timeline for the wedding day so everything can move smoothly on your special day.

  • The arrangement of your guest count and seating chart is extremely important. Make sure everything is perfect.

Day Coordinating

  • The biggest advantage is never allowing the bride to be interupted in her special day.

  • Make sure your timeline goes according to plan or at least is perceived that way.

  • Vendors show up on time and check-in.

  • Makes the vision for your beautiful wedding day is brought to life.

  • The teardown is taken care of by the team. No need to stress about the decor or vendors being clean up ontime.

  • Make sure all the venue rules are taken care of.