Decor, no matter the event, is one of your most important decisions. Think about…when you first walk into a room the first thing people notice is the decor.

Here at Ai International Event Planning we take pride in providing the best service possible. When it’s time for you to plan the decor for your event we are here to help!

Wedding decor

Some people may think putting together your wedding decor is simple. However, this is not the case. The decor for weddings has many moving parts and can be very different from a normal event.

Below are some of key parts of wedding decor. (Click for more information)

The Stage Decor

The stage decor is one of the first things people look at when they first walk into the wedding reception. Not to mention everyone takes a photo of the stage. Whether you want candles, vases, an LED wall, flowers, or specialty furniture we can help you put your dream stage together.

The Decor Budget

No matter what kind of decor budget you have, there is always something you can put together. We look at what you want to do and give you a general quote for your dream wedding. Remember, the budget will also depend how many guests you have and the size of the venue.


Center pieces are the soul of every table. Meaning it will set a vibe and look at the tables your guests are sitting at. Whether you want a simple design or something extragavent.

Lighting & Audio

Some people may not realize that lighting & audio are an essential part of the decor process. Because lighting can make or break your decor. Lighting can change the entire ambiance of your wedding venue. We recommend getting uplighting around the entire venue, and even add spotlights to various tables to highlight your amazing decor on your tables.


Florals are one of the most important things when it comes to decor. Flowers bring a certain elegance to all your weddign decor. HEar at Ai International we custom make any type of florals you can dream of. Our talented decorators can handmake any desing.