Your Wedding & Event Planning Team


Your team specializes in Cultural Weddings, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers. We've had the opportunity to work on Events and Projects at the most exclusive venues and private locations in and around Los Angeles. Our team has the ability to connect with our clients, learning their event vision and goals, allowing the host and their guests the ultimate experience.


Redefining Planning

Reggie Pottukalam

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Reggie is a certified and renowned Event Producer with over 13 years of event-organizing experience in the consumer and corporate industry. A persuasive negotiator with excellent communication skills, he has a proven track-record of combining knowledge of both the vendor and consumer market, allowing him to maximize opportunities and turn any idea into the event of your dreams. As a certified event planner he has integrated proven theories and skills with current trends in the market. Additionally, his past successes are the ultimate testimony of his ability to transform any concept into a reality.



Creative Capability

Connie Zambrano

Connie Zambrano has been AI International’s Creative Director since 2011. Her work and design has been featured on multiple blogs, websites, and print magazines. Connie’s design aesthetic has evolved through her travels across Europe, Italy being most influential. She’s inspired by creating a modern take on classic design. Her experience allows her to create, collaborate, and bring your design vision to life.

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Imaginative mindset

Marie Harbabikian

What is Marie’s Motivation? It’s Marie’s chance to create and transform her clients vision into a reality. Marie has earned a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. Her training has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to consult with our clients and create a true culinary experience for their event. Her work ethic, talent, and personality for evaluating situations from her perspective results in a successful and seamless event. No event is ever too complicated when Marie is involved within the planning process. Marie always ensures that what you imagine your event to be comes to life when you walk through the doors. Her creative creations can be seen at sugarcoated


Thriving talent

Tarren Munoz

“A Good Eye” is not a technique, it's talent and skill that is always evolving. Tarren’s diverse portfolio speaks to his natural aptitude for producing a visual experience. In addition to his Wedding Portfolio, Tarren’s ability to capture life milestone events, strategic product photos, interior design, landscapes, and lifestyle visuals are helping businesses develop content that is setting them apart from their competition. Tarren specializes in modern portraits, cinematography, drone footage, and real estate marketing packages. Follow his visual journey at



Project Manager

Cindy Zambrano

Cindy has been working along side AI’s Creative Director Connie Zambrano since 2011. Cindy’s ability and understanding of producing events have evolved. Her skillset includes floral decor and custom designing and building of centerpieces and stages.



Project Manager

Joseph Urias

Joseph aka #AGENTJOSEPH has been Ai’s double agent has been working with our team since 2013. Joseph’s ability to efficiently plan the logistics of set up and take down have saved our clients money and our team a lot of time.