The Best Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking [Printable & Downloadable]

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Why should you be prepared with venue questions?

Most venue managers show their property to so many couples throughout the year they can tell when someone is serious or not about booking their wedding venue. Our advice will prepare you with negotiation tips and questions to ask your venue in order to receive a quick and efficient proposal. 

What to do before asking your wedding venue questions.

Before leaving to see a wedding venue, you’ll need to know 3 things…

  • Approximately how many guests you may potentially have

  • Potential dates

  • If the ceremony will take place at the venue or at another location offsite 

Advice about picking your wedding venue

When searching for your wedding venue consider the following factors:

  • Overall costs for your guests

  • Travel costs for the vendors

  • The overall value

Remember: Locations closer to the ocean have higher food and beverage minimums, compared to venues that are more inland without a view. With that said, some venues are flexible and some venues have stricter rules. You need to prepare the best way you can before making a decision, you do not want to regret it after you have booked. 

Wedding Venue Negotiations

Negotiations start as soon as you enter the wedding venue. The Venue Manager will assess you, as you view the space.

The Manager wants to know two things…

  • How serious you are about booking their venue

  • When would you want to book your event

They’ll ask questions like, when did you get engaged? Have you looked at other spaces? Both of these questions will answer when the wedding will take place and if they have negotiation leverage. As you can see, their questions are strategically answered as they walk you through the venue.

Playing hardball and having a poker face may or may not help while interacting with the venue manager. We recommend being polite. We have seen venue managers more prone to offering discounts to clientele they enjoy working with. 

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

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  1. Venue Pricing & Dates:

    • Am I receiving the current years’ pricing, since they tend to fluctuate year-to-year?

    • Is there a deposit required when signing the contract?

    • Is there a difference in price between having my wedding on a Friday,

      Saturday or Sunday?

    • What dates are available?

  2. Catering Options:

    • What are the menu options? Are there any additional costs with the menu,

      such as combination fees?

    • Is there an outside catering fee per person and/or a fee for set up?

    • What are the beverage packages and options?

    • Is the wedding cake included? If not, is there a cake cutting fee?

    • Are vendor meals included? If so, what is the pricing?

  3. Included Rentals:

    • Are linens included? If so, what color, size and floor-length options are


    • What are the type of tables and chairs included?

    • Is the stage or riser included?

    • Are there audio/visual services?

    • What is the color and size of the dance floor?

    • Will your need to rent a "spider box" for your DJ?

    • Can they include the power drop?

  4. Parking Pricing:

    • Is there self parking? If so, how much is it?

    • Is there valet hosted or non-hosted? If not, what is the price?

    • What are the validation options?

  5. Vendors: 

    • Are you required to use the venue's preferred vendors?

    • Does the venue require event insurance? if so, how much coverage is needed? (Typically $2,000,000)

  6. Hotel Accommodations:

    • Is a vendor room included for the day-of?

    • Are discounted room rates available for my wedding guests?

    • Is thIs there a 2-night suite included for the bride and groom for the night

      before and the night of the wedding?

  7. Decorations: 

    • Does the venue include vases, candles, and/or chairs within the package?

    • Does the venue require a fire permit for candles?

    • Is confetti allowed? 

    • Are pyrotechnics allowed? 

    • Can the decor be unloaded at the venue?

  8. Timing: 

    • What time can my vendors set up and take down?

    • When can the bar be open? What time does it need to be closed?

    • What time can the caterers set up, and what time do they have to clean up?

    • Is there a noise ordinance in which a specific time all music needs to be off?

  9. Act of God/ Force Majeure Clause 

    • What qualifies as an Act of God?

    • What is the venue covering?

    • How much could I potentially lose?

These questions to ask your wedding venue may vary with each venue. We also recommend having promises and changes from the venue in writing. This will avoid miscommunications and additional costs. 

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