Professional MC vs Your Fun Cousin

When things go wrong at the reception, your Wedding MC needs to have a plan B. 

Hiring an Emcee for your wedding may seem like a simple decision. Some depend on their DJs to announce dances and speeches, others appoint an outgoing cousin, friend, or a sibling to handle the announcements. However, when the timeline starts to get delayed, thats when your MC can shine, or start sweating. 

This past summer, I was an MC for a South Indian Wedding at Metropol Banquet Hall in Glendale. The Wedding went perfectly to schedule till the slideshow wasn’t playing correctly  The Wedding planner looked at me with a fearful look while mouthing “STALL FOR 10 MINUTES”. That was my cue for Plan B. I had a monologue in my back pocket for situations like these. Luckily the audience enjoyed poking fun at a somewhat awkward moment. 

In the Video I am coaching the bride and groom how to kiss for the first time. The bride was really shy so of course I used that to my advantage! Let me know what you think! 

Reggie PottukalamComment