Full Wedding Planning


The stress free way to have your wedding…

Wedding Planners are there to help plan every single aspect and detail of your wedding day from start to finish. From booking your appointments, tastings, final fittings & so much more.

Your wedding planners have you covered and keep your documents organized for you to follow throughout the wedding planning process. Your planners know each and every part of your wedding day so that they will be able to answer any possible questions that may arise, from vendors to family members.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and it’s hard to keep every single working part organized; with so many appointments, confirmations, and contracts it’s easy to lose track of what has already been successfully taken care of. This is why you hire a wedding planner to make sure that every detail is on track and taken care of.

Full Wedding Planning takes care of the following:

  • Planning your wedding from start to finish

  • Confirming details with each and every part of your wedding

  • Venue sighting

  • Venue visits

  • Tasting confirmations

  • Vendor clarifications

  • Keeps on track of what still needs to be done

  • Creates appointments with vendors for final details and group review

  • Creation of timeline

  • Creation of floor plan

  • Creation of vendor list

  • Day of coordinating

Full Wedding Planning Detailed Explanation

Planning Your Wedding From Start To Finish

Making sure you have a stress free wedding planning process is our end goal. Making sure every piece of the puzzle is put together the way you want.

Confirming Details With Each And Every Part Of Your Wedding

As your wedding planner starts putting together your wedding, we will make sure you approve everything that is going on. It is important to us that your wedding day is exactly what you wanted.

Venue Sighting

Contacting all the potential venues for pricing and contracts is a time-consuming process and sometimes frustrating process. As these venues get requests all the time, they can sometimes miss a pricing request or two.

Once all the information is gathered we like to put together a report that shows you how much each will cost and what they will provide.

Venue Visits

Once you pick your potential venues, we will schedule venue visits so you can tour the facilities. We will come with you and help negotiate the contract and prices. This is an essential step in getting the wedding booked on the day you want.

Tasting Confirmations

Part of your full wedding planning package is making sure the food is to your liking is essential! You want all your guests to enjoy what they are eating. Leave the scheduling of the venue tasting to us.

Vendor Clarifications

Getting in touch with vendors, clarifying what they provide with prices will get complicated and sometimes confusing. We handle all the logistics and put together in an easy to read format for you!

Keep everything On Track with What Still Needs To Be Done

Full wedding planning starts 12-15 months before your wedding day. There are a lot of little and big pieces that need to be put together. Sometimes things can get forgotten, we make sure that does not happen!

Create Appointments With Vendors For Final Details And Group Review

As most people have busy lives getting in touch with all the vendors to schedule an appointment for final details and group review can be difficult. With full wedding planning, your planners make sure all parties are available and prepared for the discussion. This way all your questions can be answered during the meeting.

Creation Of Timeline

The wedding timeline is one of the most important pieces of your wedding day. It can also be a very stressful task. Thinking about when the vendors are arriving, when to start your dances, when to begin speeches, and when to schedule dinner can get a bit complicated. Let us relieve this stress and confusion from you and put it all together for you.

Creation Of Floor Plan

The creation of a floor plan needs to include everything from the stage, DJ, decor, lighting, bar, and where your guests will be seated. The most important part of the floor plan is where your guests will be seated and how many guests there will be per table. The flow of your wedding reception and where things are placed is very important for your venue, as this will help save a lot of time during the setting up process of your big day.

Creation Of Vendor List

Deciding what vendors to use and seeing if they are a good fit for your wedding will take up a lot your time. Negotiations may take even longer to get the vendors' services to fit into your budget, let us help you with the process of negotiating with one of our experienced coordinators. Coordinating and working with so many talented vendors, we know the tactics to get you the most value.

Day Of Coordinating

The main goal of day coordinating is to relieve stress off of the bride, groom, and family on the wedding day. There are so many different moving parts in dayof wedding coordinating alone. You can see a full description of the service by clicking here

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