Professional MC vs Your Fun Cousin

When things go wrong at the reception, your Wedding MC needs to have a plan B. 

Hiring an Emcee for your wedding may seem like a simple decision. Some depend on their DJs to announce dances and speeches, others appoint an outgoing cousin, friend, or a sibling to handle the announcements. However, when the timeline starts to get delayed, thats when your MC can shine, or start sweating. 

This past summer, I was an MC for a South Indian Wedding at Metropol Banquet Hall in Glendale. The Wedding went perfectly to schedule till the slideshow wasn’t playing correctly  The Wedding planner looked at me with a fearful look while mouthing “STALL FOR 10 MINUTES”. That was my cue for Plan B. I had a monologue in my back pocket for situations like these. Luckily the audience enjoyed poking fun at a somewhat awkward moment. 

In the Video I am coaching the bride and groom how to kiss for the first time. The bride was really shy so of course I used that to my advantage! Let me know what you think! 

Casa Vertigo Grand ReOpening | Los Angeles Wedding Venues

The Grand RE-Opening

The Grand Opening of event venues is always exciting. It gives planners and vendors an opportunity to explore new spaces for our clientele.

This Opening was especially grand because it was a Re-Opening of Casa Vertigo in Los Angeles. If you’ve overlooked the skyline in Downtown LA you’ve probably seen the “WELCOME TO LA” sign. That sign is on the rooftop of Casa Vertigo and allows its guests to see LA from all angles.

Check out our experience below. Enjoy!



Microsoft & Xbox | Global Gaming Partnership & Development

E3 Gaming Convention

This year’s E3 Gaming Convention in Downtown Los Angeles was special to the Ai International Event Planning Team.

As we had the honor of hosting the Global Gaming Partnership and Development meeting for Microsoft and Xbox. While planning the event, we wanted to prove that a productive, efficient meeting could take place in breathtaking settings, such as the top floor of The Sunset Restaurant and Lounge in Malibu.

We followed the meeting with a group hike leading to a delicious lunch and wine tasting at beautiful Malibu Wines. You don’t have to trade fun for efficiency at corporate team building events!

Let us show you!!

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When To Send Wedding Invitations | A Beverly Hills Event Planner

When To Send Wedding Invitations | A Beverly Hills Event Planner

Sending wedding invitions properly can save you a lot of time, pain, and money. As you know, a proper head count on who is showing up to your wedding is a very a important thing. It dictates you seating arrangments, catering budget, number of kids, how big the cake needs to be, decor pricing, and the list go ons. Take a look at our general guidelines for sending wedding invitations.